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The etracker integration module for PrestaShop 1.7.x. offers your online store the easy integration of etracker Analytics and Signalize. DSGVO compliant, cookieless and opt-in free tracking with the web analytics tool etracker Analytics. Signalize is a push message tool for sending short messages to all common browsers on desktop PCs, Mac computers, Android smartphones or even iPhones.


PrestaShop Dropshipping Expert - the ultimate module for dropshipping / direct shipping with additional useful features. 

What this module brings you:

The general function of the Dropshipping module is to automatically process dropshipping orders in a PrestaShop online store.

Our new extended Dropshipping Expert module for PrestaShop offers additional features besides the basic Dropshipping Wizard functions.
The basic functions of the Dropshipping Wizard:

Your customer orders one or more dropshipping items in your PrestaShop. It doesn't matter if the items come from one or more dropshipping providers at the same time.

Whereas up to now you had to forward the various item orders to the respective dropshipping provider, from now on the Dropshipping Wizard will do this for you.

As soon as the article is set to "Paid" in your system, a mail with all important data and information (e.g. customer number, delivery address, delivery bill in PDF form, etc.) of the order is automatically sent to your dropshipping provider.

If you work with multiple dropshipping partners, our module sorts all ordered items accordingly and each dropshipping partner will only receive the items that you would like to purchase from them.

Furthermore, the Dropshipping Wizard also supports different shipping services per dropshipping provider, which can also be used to control special shipping prices of individual products. This way you automatically have the possibility to inform your customers directly in the shopping cart which shipping costs will be charged for the corresponding item. This can save you money under certain circumstances.

Additional functions of the Dropshipping Expert:

With Dropshipping Expert it is also possible to activate and deactivate dropshipping for each supplier separately.

Furthermore, with Dropshipping Expert you can facilitate the work of your dropshipping partner and minimize the risk of errors by automatically attaching a CSV file to the order to facilitate the import of all important order data into the supplier's system. These CSV files can of course be customized per dropshipping partner.

Another feature of Dropshipping Expert is the automatic stock control. If you do not purchase all products via dropshipping partners or if you also have a certain stock of a product in-house, you can set the module to automatically forward the order to the dropshipping partner if there is only a certain remaining quantity of the items available in-house. If your own stock is still sufficient, of course no mail will be sent to the dropshipping partner. Furthermore, you can enter individual minimum stock levels - deviating from the standard delivery rate of the supplier.

Automate your dropshipping and sit back!


  •     Automatic order dispatch to the respective dropshipping partner
  •     Multiple selection of payment statuses possible, thus more integration of different payment and marketplace providers.
  •     Sending of all important data and necessary information for the dropshipping partner
  •     Use of the data from the supplier management
  •     Individualization of shipping costs per dropshipping partner
  •     Customization of special shipping costs for individual articles possible
  •     E-mail templates for automatic dispatch to your dropshipping partner
  •     Manual activation or deactivation of dropshipping for each dropshipping partner individually
  •     Sending of individualized CSV files to the dropshipping partner for easier import of all important information for orders
  •     Inventory control with individual settings for each dropshipper and additionally for each product. Thus, products can be excluded from dropshipping or individual minimum stock levels can be entered - deviating from the supplier's standard set.



In the module area, the ZIP file is simply uploaded via "Add new module" and then installed. Now they create the individual shipping services with the associated price scales. Afterwards you can add the email addresses of your dropshipping partners in the Dropshipping Expert and link existing products with the allocation widget. All further adjustments of the module can now be made.


If you are looking for a dropshipping module without sending CSV files or inventory management, we recommend the Dropshipping Wizard.

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Compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x


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1.7.5 bis 1.7.7.x

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