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We offer immediate help with problems or questions about your Shopware online store.


Shopware Support & Service We offer Shopware Immediate Help  

You need help with your Shopware store system? You would like to further individualize your store and need support? You have a problem with adding products, with the order process or you just don't know how to proceed in the backend? You would like to optimize your store and would like to have support from experts? Or would you simply like to learn more about online shop systems in general and Shopware in particular? We are happy to help you with our Shopware Support. Give us a call, tell us about your project or problem and we will advise you on how we can best help with your Shopware system. Our phone number: 0049 9384/7219155 If you need immediate help, we offer you the possibility to book the work volume estimated during the initial consultation or the scope of services in 30-minute intervals directly here.

To clarify how the process of our Shopware support is, we would like to show you the individual steps in detail here once.

Step 1:

Call us so that we can talk through the problem/task in an initial consultation and estimate the expected working time required.

Step 2:

Book the hourly quota mentioned (e.g. 30 minutes of Shopware support). Select the desired payment method and complete the purchase. Please note that we can provide faster assistance if you choose a direct payment method such as PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer, as we will receive the money immediately after sending the payment. You will also receive an invoice for the booked hourly quota directly.

Step 3:

As soon as the money has been credited to our account, you will receive a download link by mail. Behind it is our service contract. Please read the contract carefully and fill in the empty lines completely. Please make sure that the description of the work to be done is as detailed as possible, so that there are no misunderstandings later on. Sign the contract and send it back to us by mail or fax. If necessary, please also fill out the supplementary sheet so that we have all the necessary access data to be able to work on your store. Of course, all data will be treated strictly confidential.

Step 4:

We check the contract. Above all, of course, the description of the work to be performed, in order to exclude misunderstandings or, if necessary, to be able to ask again. If everything is in order and the task is clear, we will return the contract to you with our signature.

Step 5:

We start with the work defined in the contract and inform you if necessary about important intermediate steps or after completion / troubleshooting.

Please note: The presumably required time contingent for Shopware support is estimated in advance by our experts to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, since online stores are complex programming, we are unfortunately not always right.

So if you have time left on your hourly account after troubleshooting / completion, this will be saved in our system and can be used for later work. A refund is not possible. If your time quota is exceeded, the work will be stopped after the time has expired and you will be informed immediately. In most cases a time overrun is foreseeable after a short period of time, in which case we will of course inform you immediately before the hourly quota expires. In a personal conversation we can then clarify which work has already been done, which work is still pending and you will be given a new time estimate. If you agree, you can also book the new time quota again via this page. A new contract is then of course not necessary. As soon as we have received the payment, the work will be continued.

Billing is done in 15-minute intervals. Information on revocation

The revocation period for service contracts begins with the conclusion of the contract, § 355 Abs. 2 BGB n.F. and is 14 days. However, we can also start with the service before, provided that you have explicitly signed in the contract that you waive the right of withdrawal. Otherwise, the work will only be started after the expiry of the right of withdrawal for service contracts - i.e. after 14 days


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